Why Divorce Mediation is Important

Why Divorce Mediation is Important

The break up of a relationship is damaging to all involved, especially children. That is why our team of divorce mediation solicitors here at Paul Gowran and Co are here to try and make the process of separation and divorce as easy as possible for all concerned.

Mediation is especially important when separated couples cannot reach an amicable agreement on such matters as property, custody or chid access issues and maintenance.

Instead of going through a possibly long litigation process in the courts, our mediation can help find acceptable middle ground.

Suitable Outcomes For All

Litigation through the family courts can be longwinded and because of this, very expensive for both parties involved.

To make things quicker and easier, divorce mediation between the two parties can help to find suitable conclusions.

This is especially the case in separations that involve arguments over the access and custody of children. Without a proper agreement the children are stuck in the middle of two arguing parents and often they are denied visitation rights to either their mother or father.

This is painful for you and your children and stops them having valuable time with a parent they love and cherish when they need them the most.

Property and financial issues are also dealt with during the mediation process. In most case the process works well with both parties willing to find common ground.

This can result in the sale of property or an agreement about ownership. The same applies to monetary situations. Without the mediation, the separation can cost a lot more.

Our Family Law Specialists

When going through the divorce process, our specialist family law team can help you to protect all of your obligations and rights.

With the very minimum of fuss our solicitors can first prepare and then file your divorce application for you. This enables you to look after the most important things like yourself and your family while we take care of the sometimes complex paperwork which is involved in the process. We will also ensure that you have the best advice possible before going into the courts. We will brief you on all you need to know and what they may ask before this happens.

The most important part of any process as upsetting as a divorce is to make the process as swift as possible for all parties.

We Are Here To Help

 Whichever side you are on in the process our divorce mediation team and family solicitors here at Paul Gowran and Co are here to be by your side every step of the way.

We will take care of the technical legal matters and advise and guide you during the process. Contact us  today to see how we can be there for you during this difficult time on 02 4951 8888.

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