Do You Need Help with Property Settlements?

Do You Need Help with Property Settlements?

Nobody wants to be involved in a stressful legal battle, but if you find yourself requiring legal assistance you’ll want to know you have the best family lawyer by your side.

In family law, property settlements are a common issue and the process can be challenging. Paul Gowran & Co will be there to guide you, so a resolution can be reached as soon as possible.

What Is the Process to Follow?

In general terms, we will need to work together to decide how the property should be divided. As part of this process, we must determine the assets and liabilities to find some common ground.

Typically, this means our Newcastle based lawyers will look into the income levels of both parties.

If there are children involved, we will need to make additional arrangements to ensure the children’s interests are looked after.

All parties must disclose relevant information in relation to the case. Hard and digital copies of documents will be required.

The parties will need to reveal all sources of income, interest, property and any other financial resources they might have. This includes assets that go to a beneficiary or that are held by companies or trusts.

You will also need to provide information about properties that were transferred or sold during the year before the separation or since then.

With all the collected information, we will issue a Financial Statement to give an account of your financial situation.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

In family law, property settlements do not have to become an endless battle.

Our goal will always be to reach a settlement quickly and that pleases all the parties involved.

To this end, a Conciliation Conference is a great opportunity for the interested parties to come to an agreement. A successful resolution at the meeting will prevent the matter from going any further.

Family law property settlements do not have to go to court if the parties can solve their differences. To formalise the agreement, you will need to sing a Binding Financial Agreement. Another option is to have the court issue a Consent Order, but it is not necessary to go to court for this.

The Guidance You Need

We understand how stressful the process can be. This why we’ll be there to explain what your rights and responsibilities are.

Paul Gowran & Co are Family law expert.

You can arrange an appointment by calling (02) 4951 8888 or emailing

 You can expect nothing but professionalism and efficiency from our legal team, so you can move on with the next stage of your life.


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